[Updated] DESTINY: Who's Playing??

It's here! Let us compile a list of TAY guardians so that we may find each other and destroy our enemies together!

Let us know below which console you're playing on and your PSN/XBL ID and I'll add you to the list.


Also! Join the TAY Clan if you haven't already ....

... here are some grimoire, emblem and shader codes courtesy of Neryl ...


.... and here's the TAY gaming ID spreadsheet for good measure.


  • Barkspawn (theBeardedYouth)
  • A Bottle of Sunny D (TongueSurgery)
  • General McFist (GeneralMcFist)
  • Jolly Boots of Doom (JollyDoomBoots)
  • Archaeyopterix Majorus (darkhadeen)
  • Aquila76 (Aquila_76)
  • moldypizzabagel (Moldypizzabagel)
  • Rathorial (Rathorial)
  • Sylverfyst (sylverpalm)
  • Kireek (Zeta1)
  • Fruity Drinks (Vespire50)
  • Savo (JesterMecha)
  • variableidentity01 (An__enemy_)
  • Shirianui (Vile-Okami)
  • shb twentythree (shb23)
  • Blitz Kaiser (Blitz_Kaiser_)
  • twizm (Tw1zm)
  • Arctic16 (Arctic_16)


  • GiantBoyDetective
  • Novibear (Novibear)
  • PSWii2008
  • Darth (Darth_Conrad)
  • Protonstorm (Rejectdeath)
  • Thrawn (Jack_Skelet)

Xbox One

  • DisturbedShadow (Brett1157)
  • thekeith82 (Shed Some Skin)
  • Kireek (Phantasy Star 4)
  • TheSergeMeister (sergedawg)
  • LoserMLW (LoserMLW)
  • Tommy MF Pickles (TommyMFPickles)
  • topgearFTW (Aventador SV)
  • TheDarknessDude (D4rk H4x0rer)

Xbox 360

  • Rody 2k6 (PrFcTxRody)

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