Cooking with TAY: Leftover Pizzastravaganza

Welcome to Cooking With TAY: Questionable Judgement Edition!

Tonight’s gastronomic masterpiece: Leftover Pizzastravaganza. To the culinary layman this may sound like a simple reworking of leftover pizza, but oh no - it is so much more. Not one, but two nights of dinner leftovers crammed into one delicious food vessel. Economical? Damn straight. Risky? Perhaps for those vulnerable to hypernatremia. A late-night culinary adventure? Oh yes. Oh yes indeed. Join us, won’t you?


- Leftover pizza from last night (we used pepperoni, peppers and onions with a cheddar crust but use whatever you have since there’s obviously no such thing as a bad pizza. Except for deep-dish, in which case take your pizza casserole and GET OUT)


- Leftovers from the night before (Pork loin marinated in garlic, olive oil and herbes de Provence, scalloped potatoes with white cheddar and ham bits. Again, use whatever you have.)

[Side note: someone please try this with mac & cheese and/or cheese ravioli with alfredo and report back IMMEDIATELY]


1. Pile scalloped potatoes and slices of pork on top of some leftover pizza.

2. Throw in a toaster oven for, I dunno, 15 minutes or so?

3. Insert in the mouth of your face


Tester 1: “That is ... not bad.”


Conclusion: Looks like it’s been partially regurgitated, tastes like a delight (depending on your cheese and meat tolerance). Now go forth and try it yourself, and TAY is in no way responsible for any injuries or resultant health issues.


Nicole T (street name: Barkspawn) is a gamer and writer in California. You can find her on Twitter@ser_barkspawn and read more of her articles here.

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